Fabulous new, all natural system for people who are nervous visiting the dentist. No sedatives, no side-effects, The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry launches the first UK non sedative calming system called NuCalm.

By mimicking the natural process of readying the body for sleep, NuCalm provides the same deep relaxation every person feels moments before they fall asleep. Because there is no sedation or side effects it is much safer; and you don't need someone to help you to get home because once the treatment stops so do the effects of NuCalm.

Developed by neuroscientists in the U.S., it works by bringing high beta brain waves (23Hz -40Hz), which are associated with fear, to alpha brain waves (8Hz-12Hz) which are those associated with meditation and sleep. Plus you feel great afterwards, as it helps the brain to tell your muscles to relax. It is a similar feeling to having just had a body massage!


"I never liked the dentist before but now I don't mind, the NuCalm seems to have diminished my worries, so not only did I get a beautiful new smile but my dental anxiety has disappeared too!" - Abigail Morgan

"Awesome, awesome, awesome! Will recommend it to all the people I see." - Jill Luck-Hille

"Really unbelievable experience, felt completely detached from what was going on. Time flew- and I wanted to stay in the chair!" - Sally Windsor

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