Veneers and Zeneers™ Candidates

Are Veneers Right for You?
If you are unhappy with your smile or have a specific cosmetic flaw that you would like to correct, there’s a good chance that veneers will meet your needs. For many of our patients, this minimally-invasive procedure is an attractive alternative to more comprehensive treatments, such as orthodontics. In essence, we can custom-tailor an all-new smile through the use of porcelain veneers or zirconium Zeneers™.

Ideal Candidates - Types of Dental Flaws That Can be Corrected
If you suffer from one of the complications outlined below and are seeking a solution, we have it for you.

  • Chips and Cracks - The teeth are naturally durable, but over time, they are susceptible to damage and decay. In many cases, this minor decay or damage is primarily cosmetic, having little or no effect on the individual’s oral health. In such cases, we can place porcelain veneers or zirconium Zeneers™ at our London practice to cover the affected tooth and mask these cosmetic flaws.
  • Unsightly Gaps - If your teeth are malformed, naturally small or there exist natural and conspicuous gaps in-between teeth, it may be possible to cover these gaps with custom-designed porcelain veneers or Zeneers™.
  • Minor Malocclusion - Typically, in cases of minor malocclusion, the oral health of the patient is not impacted and the actual repositioning of the teeth is not needed. In such cases, veneers or ZeneersTM can be employed to provide the appearance of a straight, uniform smile without actually reverting to traditional orthodontic treatment with metal braces.
  • Discolouration - If you suffer from intrinsic staining and discolouration, meaning that the underlying dentin of the tooth has become discoloured, the use of a bleaching agent will not correct this discolouration. In these cases, you can mask the discolouration and design a new custom smile with porcelain veneers or Zeneers™. You can enjoy sound oral health and a strong dental foundation while completely revitalising the appearance of your teeth.

Porcelain veneers and Zeneers™ are for everyone. At our London dental practice, we have witnessed firsthand the positive and lasting impact these dental restorations can have on a person’s quality of life, self-esteem and confidence. Make a change in your life for the better!