“New Year New You”

You may remember in the summer we introduced you to Clinical Nutritionist Kamilla Schaffner, founder of My London Nutritionist www.mylondonnutritionist.com. Well as January is traditionally known for the “New Year New You” approach, we thought we would ask Kamilla for some top tips on kick-starting 2016! Please visit Kamilla’s website www.mylondonnutritionist.com or call on 07568 […]

Top journalist Antonia Hoyle speaks to The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry

If you read the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph or glossy magazines you are bound to have read one of Antonia Hoyle’s articles. You may also have spotted in last month’s enewsletter, the article that Antonia wrote for the Daily Telegraph on looking after children’s teeth. A national newspaper and magazine journalist, Antonia’s work is well […]

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