Jack Laugher came to London Cosmetic Dentistry
Jack Laugher

A recent patient at the practice, British diver Jack Laugher competes in both individual and synchronised springboard events with fellow diver Chris Mears. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Jack and Chris won Britain’s first diving Olympic gold medal. Jack was also the first British diver to win two medals at a single Olympics and the first to win any medal in the individual 3m springboard, and what’s more, he’s only 21-years-old!

​​Below, Jack tells us about what drives him, what advice he would give to other young athletes and how it feels to have achieved so much already.

You have countless awards under your belt, including being the first British diver to win a diving gold medal at last year’s Olympics with Chris Mears. How does it make you feel?

​​Being a history maker in the sport of diving, for me, is an incredible achievement. I had always dreamed of becoming an Olympic medallist but to win two medals in one Games and one of them to be gold is an overwhelming accomplishment, and to now be regarded as Britain’s best diver in history is huge.

​​What would be your advice to a young person wanting to get into professional diving?

​I​​ started diving in a very small pool so regardless of where you’re practising you can still achieve! It’s obviously good to know how to swim before starting too, ha! Diving is a really enjoyable sport and it’s interesting to watch, so staying motivated is very easy. Keep up with it and enjoy every session!

​​How to you prepare your mind and body before a big diving event?

​​Before an event we tend to become more focused, take part in practise competitions and work with our psychologists to get the correct strategies in place before we compete.

​​How does it feel when you are up there on the board with the world watching you, about to take the plunge?

​​It’s extremely scary knowing that so many people are watching you. During mine and Chris’ event there were over 8 million people watching in the UK alone! To hear about those kinds of numbers after the event helped a lot, because if I’d have heard about that during the event, I think I would’ve been shaking with nerves!

How important is it to have a good smile in your line of work?

​​Having a good smile is one of the most important things, especially when winning medals. There is no prouder moment in my life than when I’m standing on top of the podium and to have been able to have a glistening white smile would’ve been life changing for me. I guess I’ll just have to go to Tokyo now and do the same again!

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