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Kate Partridge

How did you become a sports broadcaster?
I was about to start a PhD on Julius Caesar and set for a career as a lecturer when I decided that if I didn’t try the media, I’d always regret it. So I said a hasty goodbye to academia, spent two days learning to touch type, temped, and then landed a job on the sports desk of the Daily Mail. A move to ITV followed, then a postgraduate diploma in broadcast journalism at Cardiff –and it went on from there.

If you could be any player in the current Premier League, who would it be and why?
I’​​ve never actually wanted to be anybody else as such, but being a footballer nowadays carries more influence than ever before, due to the power of the media and social media. As they are very real role models now, the footballers who steer kids to work hard at school, enjoy sport, eat healthily and have a positive attitude to life get my vote (and especially if they play for West Brom!).

Please tell us a little bit about the Reverse Time Machine
The Reverse Time Machine is a lifestyle blog I started that looks at small changes we could do to halt the ravages of time, make our lives healthier and happier, and save us all money in the long run. It’s holistic, so it looks at everything from diets, fitness and anti-ageing beauty tips, to ways of staying positive and keeping our brains in top form. In other words, ways to enjoy being younger for longer!

How important is a great smile to you?
Speaking as someone who didn’t have good teeth, I think the Americans are spot on when they say your smile says everything about you: your health, mental and emotional states, and investment priorities. Having a great smile is a huge boost to your confidence, career and relationship prospects, and is a thing of beauty. People often considered handsome in later life have great bone structures: brows, cheekbones, nose, jawline – and teeth. It’s an asset anybody can have at any age, and I’d recommend everyone to take pride in their smiles and look after their teeth from childhood.

What do you love about the practice?

Going to the practice is less like going to the dentist’s, than going on a trip to see the family members that you really like but only see every few months. Everybody, from Lola and Lesley on reception, to Mervyn, Nina and Ken, make you feel like part of the family. On top of that, not many places on this planet actually have the ability to transform people and make them happy. How good is that? Magic!​

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