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Mimi Abazi

We recently had the pleasure to interview one of The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry’s newest patients, TV Presenter Mimi Abazi. Mervyn has signed on to be the exclusive dentist of Restyle, Mimi’s new makeover show on Levant TV.

Tell us about Levant TV?
Based in London, Levant TV is a new, entertainment television channel, which will be broadcasted on satellite and on Live Stream. Through the variety of its programmes broadcasted in both English and Arabic, the channel aims to enrich people’s lives through information, interaction and entertainment while promoting intercultural dialogue as its statutory mission.

What is the premise of your new show, Restyle? How is it different from other makeover shows?
Restyle is a very unique show! Unlike other makeover shows that focus on completely changing the way someone looks through drastic surgery, we simply give our contestants a quick change or boost in style that they can maintain on a regular basis and affordable budget. I want to enlighten people on how easy it is to give themselves a quick, confidence-boosting makeover by simply restyling themselves. Anything from changing your hair style to having your teeth whitened can bring out a better you!

How did you first get into TV and what other shows have you presented?
I started working for an independent TV company a year after I graduated from university. I started out as an intern, but then did set design and presented on a show called Moda Mia. Now I am working with Levant TV, which I absolutely love! I am producing and presenting Restyle and I am delighted to be collaborating with Mervyn and The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry.

What’s the funniest or most nerve-racking thing that’s ever happened while you were presenting?
One of the funniest and equally nerve-racking things happened to me during the most important part of one of my shows. We were racing against time to finish filming when the studio set started falling apart and the wallpaper fell off behind me! It was hilarious, but I had to just continue with the presenting and ignore what was happening.

How important is it for you to have a nice smile in your line of work?
Being on television, you really have to keep up your appearance, especially if you are presenting a makeover show! Having a nice smile is extremely important, because I am always talking to the camera and interacting with the audience so I need clean, shiny, white teeth!

As Mervyn is the exclusive dentist for your new show, what do you like most about the practice and Mervyn’s work?
Of course the most appealing aspect about Mervyn is his immense experience and obvious success. He is so professional and is simply brilliant as a cosmetic dentist, but I would say the most important things are his character and personality. Mervyn and all of the staff are so friendly and down-to-earth that you immediately feel at home in their lovely practice. I was able to relax and unwind while I was having my teeth beautifully whitened and now they look fantastic!

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