Dedicated to Nervous Patients

Treating nervous patients

We are experienced in treating nervous patients

Our dentists know that many of our patients will be nervous about their dental work. Some may be so anxious that they have put off essential dentistry for many years.

At London Cosmetic Dentistry, we are dedicated to making our patients feel as comfortable as possible before during and after their dental treatments.

“I’ve been a customer here for many years and always receive the best care. I am welcomed and well looked after from start to end and it is always a lovely and friendly environment to visit. Thank you Mervyn and the team. Eloise.

Let us help you to overcome your anxieties

Don’t be embarrassed to tell us about your dental phobias. We are here to help you. Our dentists are trained in dealing with anxious patients and treat them every day, so we know exactly what to do to soothe your nerves. Please call 020 7722 1235 for more information.

Some common dental phobias:

  • Needles and injections
  • The sound and feel of the drill
  • The smell of a dental practice
  • A bad past experience at a dentist
  • Fear of choking

Full consultation before treatment

Visit us at our London Studios to meet our friendly and welcoming cosmetic dentists.

You will have a chance to discuss all of your worries and concerns about your dental treatment. Your treatment plan will include our tried and tested techniques to calm our patients. We will make any adjustments necessary to allow us to complete your dentistry treatment with the least distress to you. Book today.

We use Nucalm: a non sedative calming system

NuCalm is a safe, proven system that quickly relaxes you without using sedative drugs. NuCalm naturally brings your body to the first stage of sleep. You will feel the same way you feel just as you are about to fall asleep. The amazing thing is, you feel this way for your entire appointment!

How do we make you feel comfortable?

Our practice has a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere to make you feel at ease.

We offer a range of services especially for our nervous patients to make your visit with us as stress-free as possible:

  • Soothing relaxation music
  • We use the latest non-invasive technology
  • Relaxation Sedation Techniques
  • NuCalm: anti anxiety medication before treatment

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