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State-of-the-art veneers create beautiful and natural-looking smiles in as little as two appointments.


Lumineers at The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry


Lumineers® are a revolutionary type of veneer that not only creates a beautiful smile but due to their state-of-the-art technology, little to no preparation is needed to the surface of the tooth. This is due to them being ultra-thin, (approximately 0.2 mm) custom-made, translucent shells, meaning they match the appearance of natural teeth, giving you a fabulously genuine and stunning smile.

Lumineers® are a great solution for a range of dental issues such as stained, chipped, eroded, and misaligned teeth, but they can be used to revitalise an old crown or bridgework; and having them fitted is very simple because little or none of the tooth structure has to be altered or removed.


Why choose Lumineers® in London?


  • Lumineers® are proven to be durable
  • Easy to remove with minimal damage to the real teeth
  • Little or no preparation is needed for the real teeth
  • Ultrathin natural-looking veneers that intricately match the natural appearance of your real teeth
  • Lumineers provide a smile makeover that is completed in just two dentist appointments
  • Produced by highly skilled technicians who will create a smile for you, that is as unique as you are
  • Minimal pain is involved in the cosmetic procedure which removes the need for anaesthetic or drilling.
  • The structure and shape of the real teeth are maintained in most cases.
  • Can hide stained, chipped, discoloured, gapping or misaligned teeth, or tooth erosion in a single process that does not have to be repeated
  • Can help fight the penetration of bacteria and microorganisms, and avoid further decay

Lumineers Treatment Process


Choosing Lumineers® in London will typically involve patients attending around two visits, which is a quicker and easier result for you than porcelain veneers. Lumineers® remove the need for anaesthetic or drilling to change the shape and appearance of your natural teeth, making appointment time stress-free and comfortable.


Appointment one

On the first visit, you and the dentist will work together to decide on the colour of your Lumineers® and an impression will be taken of your teeth. This will assist the highly skilled laboratory technicians to handcraft your Lumineers® with precision, ensuring they match your real teeth and suit you perfectly. This also ensures that your Lumineers® are a flawless fit.

At this stage, we also create exceptional-looking temporary veneers, which give you a fantastic visualisation and preview of the final look of your new smile.


Appointment two

Once the Lumineers® have been made in the lab, your new Lumineers® are checked for fit and shade, and then painlessly attached.

The natural teeth will be slightly etched to help the Lumineers® adhere, and once fitted, will be set in place using a curing light. This procedure is entirely painless, does not damage the natural teeth, and should be completed in around an hour.

In just two appointments the procedure is complete, and you will walk away with your dream smile.


Treatment Options

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