Billie Faiers

Patient: Billie Faiers

Treatment: Cfast bracesCelebrity Invisible Braces


TOWIE’s Billie Faiers gets clear braces fitted to straighten out her teeth

The TOWIE cast certainly aren’t strangers to getting primped and preened to make themselves look as glamorous as possible. And while fake tans, semi-permanent make-up and teeth whitening are more than common in the Essex world, TOWIE star Billie Faiers has continued her quest for perfection by having clear braces fitted. The 23-year-old star opted for the virtually invisible Cfast braces, which will straighten and align her teeth within a matter of months.  

What are Cfast Braces?

Cfast braces are metal brackets connected by nickel-titanium wires fixed to the back of your teeth. They can’t be seen, making them the perfect teeth straightening system for celebrities or anyone who wants to straighten their teeth without visible braces. Do you want a beautiful, straight smile like Billie Faiers? Book your free consultation today to discuss your options.   Book a free consultation online   Go Back to All Celebrities Permission has been granted to publish this page

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