Little Boots

We talk to Popstar Little Boots

Little Boots London cosmetic dentistryLittle Boots recently came to the practice to get her teeth sparkling and white for a new music video.

Famed for her album Hands, Little Boots has had success both in the UK and Stateside.

She took time out from her busy schedule to answer our questions and gives all our younger patients great advice on the music business and the importance of being happy

1.Do you think having a good smile is a must in your line of work?
I think its very important, but only if its because you are happy!

There is a lot of pressure on image and perfection in music, especially in pop and for women, so I think a genuine smile is much more important than what you are wearing or what size you are.

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2. You’ve been to the practice before, what do you like about Mervyn and his team?  
I first came to Mervyn in 2009 when I was doing a lot of TV performances, he was wonderful and I always remembered him so I’m very happy to be back at the practice.

3. What are you up to at the moment?  
I’m just putting the finishing touches to my new EP and third album which will be out in 2015.

I’m also rehearsing for some gigs in New York and London, DJing around the world and running my record label On Repeat.

4. Did you DJ this summer and any favourite places you would recommend?
I had a great time DJing in LA at an amazing Club Called Rhonda.

Its a very mixed crowd very flamboyant and a lot of fun, incredible disco and house music and some amazing people watching and fashion statements! A lot of fun its one of my favourite places.

5. What were your tracks of 2014?
I loved the Dimitri From Paris ‘In The House Of Disco’ compilation for Defected records, so many great old and new tunes and edits on there I played it a lot.

I also love the latest John grant album ‘Pale Green Ghosts’, I saw him at Glastonbury this summer and it was magical.

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