Millie Mackintosh MIC

We spoke to Millie Mackintosh from Made in Chelsea

Made in Chelsea has become a big hit and one of the stars Millie Mackintosh came to the practice in September for a tooth whitening treatment.

Made in Chelsea celebrity smiles3 questions with D&S

1. What was your favourite thing about the Druian & Spektor practice?

I loved the relaxing music they play while your in the dentist chair and the friendly staff.

Dr Mervyn Druian has decades of experience with A-list smiles.

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2. Are you looking forward to the second series of Made in Chelsea? 

We have already started and it’s very exciting!

3. Are you surprised at how popular the first series was and can you give us any insider info??

It was very nerve wracking when the first episode came out, I get really overwhelmed when I meet fans in the street! I cant give too much away, but there is going to be some tears and tantrums and some new faces!

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Dr Ken Spektor is not just good with teeth!

You can’t but help noticing the art that adorns the walls of our practice, from the unusual to the wonderful; all are interesting and have fascinating stories behind them. However, what many of you might not know, is that the art you see comes from years of careful collecting and a keen eye from our very own Dr Ken Spektor and Yvonne, his wife.

Throughout the years, Ken and Yvonne work with a charity providing free dental treatment to those who may not have access to it in remote areas of Central America. And it is on these charity expeditions that Ken and Yvonne buy the art that you see today, supporting the local communities through art as well as health.

Next time you are in the practice take your time to have a look around. The collection has detailed descriptions for your information.

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