Suzanne Martin

Suzanne Martin Permanent Make Up Artist
…..Creator of the ‘Couture Eyebrow’

This month’s newsletter is with the celebrated permanent make-up artist, Suzanne Martin Suzanne is one of the ‘permanent make-up’ elite and through her expert knowledge and artistic ability, she can produce outstanding results which are stunning in their effect and often anti-aging.
Suzanne is kindly offering all The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry patients a 20% off any treatment. The offer will finish on 31st July 2015 and please quote “LCCD” when booking. To book email or call on [email protected] / 07880 545410

1. Why is a good eyebrow shape important?
A perfect eyebrow shape enhances the beauty of the eyes and balances the features. It also creates expression.

2. You worked for Christian Dior on their catwalk shows, who was your favourite supermodel to work with and why?
I have been lucky enough to work with the most beautiful faces and it’s difficult to choose a favourite. But if I have to choose one Supermodel it would be Tatjana Patitz, to me she is absolute perfection, my ideal aesthetic.

3. Any secret tips for keeping your eyebrows in shape?
My secret tip for keeping eyebrows in shape is applying a little hairspray to a comb and gently combing the brows after applying makeup to set the look.
I think the ‘strict rules’ about eyebrow shapes are a bit of a myth. To me all faces are unique therefore my clients each receive a very unique treatment.

4. Who has the best eyebrows and why?
As well as expression a fabulous eyebrow adds personality to a face, think Cara Delevingne…!

Beauty experts say that two of the most important aspects of your face is your smile and eyes, do you agree and how do eyebrows enhance your beauty and eyes?
I would totally agree that the two most striking features of a face is a stunning smile and beautiful eyes. Dentistry obviously can work wonders for the smile. The eyes themselves cannot be changed but a fabulous eyebrow works miracles!



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