CFAST: Clear Brace

This is a fixed option that utilizes a bracket and wire system. The CFAST Clear Brace is often used in situations that require a cosmetic alignment of the front teeth in a short time.

It is a conservative approach to cosmetic enhancement without the need for any damage of the enamel of a tooth. Many patients prefer this option to traditional veneers. The treatment only focuses on the teeth involved within the smile.

The CFAST Clear Braces system appears as a traditional orthodontic brace however there are a few differences:

  • The brackets used in this system are created using a unique digital production method with the latest 3-D software. These brackets are thus not standard unlike many used in traditional orthodontic techniques. They are prescriptive to the individual case and are customized to be used in the teeth involved in your smile..
  • There is much less discoloration of the braces during treatment since there are no elastic bands used. It is often the elastic bands that yellow over time and give the appearance of discolored teeth on many traditional braces.
  • Patented prescription for cosmetic tooth alignment. The treatment plan is unique to the individual patient.
  • The treatment does not interfere with your jaw relationships or bite. This means that you can obtain a cosmetic result of your choice without any changes to the rest of your mouth.

These differences are what make up the unique design of this treatment. Hence, for the right type of case this treatment is the perfect match and can create the most optimal cosmetic results. For this reason careful assessment and examination is required to make sure the patient is suitable for this treatment.

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