Teeth Whitening with NO TOOTH SENSITIVITY

Introducing Nu Radiance ®

We are now able to offer you the very latest in cutting edge Teeth Whitening Techniques – introducing to you Nu Radiance ®. This dentist supervised teeth whitening system is the only one of its kind that is clinically tested and proven to elicit absolutely NO tooth sensitivity during or after treatment. Dr. Mervyn Druian is pleased to be the first dentist in this popular field of dentistry to be introducing it to the UK.

No Sensitivity

In our experience people often feel they need teeth whitening due to the “yellowing” of their teeth over time. This is a natural phenomenon and occurs due to more dentine being produce with age. However, there is also a reduction in the levels of enamel over time too (from chewing over time), often leading to increased tooth sensitivity. Many times patients have dismissed Teeth Whitening treatments because of the pain they may experience due to the sensitivity.

Now NU Radiance has been created especially for people like this – you can now have whiter teeth without the associated sensitivity.

Why NU Radiance ®?

  • It can give you stunning results in as little as 5-8 days.
  • It is a simple, easy and fast treatment to do.
  • It contains Calcium Peroxide which re-mineralises and strengthens the teeth. This means you can have your teeth whitened and strengthened at the same time!
  • It only takes 30 minutes of daily use for a few days to start seeing results.
  • Clinical studies have proven that this is a safe and effective method to whiten your teeth.
  • It is dentist supervised and so you have the reassurance of safety.
  • It is highly effective on a wide range of tooth discolorations.
  • It is the least invasive treatment but gives you stunning results.
  • It also has a pleasant mint flavor.
  • The calcium rich formula is also good at treating “white spots” from decalcification in the past, such as from orthodontic (bracket) treatment.
  • You will have a customised approach to teeth whitening. The treatment is prescriptive using custom made trays especially for you and variation of techniques in how we use the special gels. This increases the efficacy and longevity of the treatment.

Improve your confidence when it comes to your teeth with Nu Radiance ®. Give yourself a brighter smile with no side effects of sensitivity. Talk to us about the various ways in how we may help you to gain a beautiful smile.

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