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Clear or invisible braces are a fantastic way to straighten your smile with minimum impact on your lifestyle. Discreet, nearly invisible and easy to use, Invisalign braces are the number one choice for many people seeking to transform their smile and their confidence.  

Invisalign braces are able to treat most orthodontic issues, it is an effective invisible brace system, which gently helps you to achieve a smile that you will want to show off.  

Invisalign clear aligners are a great choice of adult braces London for those looking to improve their smiles as they are discreet and easy to use.  

Nearly all of our orthodontic adult patients have either Cfast or Invisalign clear removable aligners, and we are seeing more and more adults coming in requesting adult braces.


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Invisalign vs Cfast


Both Invisalign and Cfast removable braces are nearly invisible and can achieve amazing results 

Cfast can provide results in as little as eight weeks (the average length of time is 3-6 months). Cfast clear aligners are one of the only brace systems which treat the front six teeth of the smile (lower and upper) i.e. the Smile Line or the “Social Six”. It does not correct major orthodontic issues and uses clear aligners or tooth-coloured wires to gently realign the front teeth.  

Invisalign clear aligner treatment takes on average 12 months and this is because it does treat orthodontic issues. With its technologically advanced SmartTrack material and its ClinCheck® 3D treatment plan, the Invisalign system is perfect for those seeking major orthodontic correction and a great smile! 

When you come in for your consultation the dentist will be able to discuss and recommend which is the best treatment for you. Clear braces are both effective, and predictable and you can get great results. Alternatively, visit our orthodontics page to view our full range of orthodontic treatments available at our practice. 

Why choose LCCD for Invisalign in London?


Dr Biju Krishnan is an award-winning and celebrity cosmetic dentist. He’s perhaps best known for founding one of the leading adult cosmetic tooth alignment systems, called CFast (Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth). This teeth straightening treatment has been deemed revolutionary by fellow peers, and has been chosen by the likes of Holly Willoughby, Alexandra Burke, several of the cast from TOWIE and Coronation Street and a former Miss World.


Dr Krishnan is also a well-known lecturer and has trained thousands of dentists around the world on using CFast. Formerly based in Scotland where he won numerous awards for his practice, Dr Krishnan now consults from several clinics across London and the Southeast.

Reduction in pain with Invisalign London

There are no two ways about it, traditional brace systems are painful.

From general discomfort to specific pain from tightened braces and mouth sores and injuries from brackets and brace wires, patients choosing braces can expect pain.

The Invisalign system is found to be less painful than traditional braces, with the levels of discomfort varying widely from individual to individual.

While the teeth move, discomfort should be expected, particularly when starting Invisalign for the first time, or switching over to the newest aligner tray.

However, the mouth should be less painful and sore from Invisalign treatment than braces, which makes it popular with teenagers and adults alike.

Easier dental hygiene with Invisalign in London

A major benefit to Invisalign is the vastly increased ease of cleaning teeth.

Traditional brace systems catch food particles because of the position of brackets and wires on the teeth. These fixings also make it difficult and time-consuming to clean the teeth effectively, particularly when flossing.

Invisalign removable aligners however don’t impact your dental hygiene routines at all because they are removed entirely from the mouth prior to brushing, leaving you free to clean as you always have.

Similarly, cleaning your Invisalign aligner is simple. Simply brush and rinse them when you brush your own teeth and pop them back in once done. Just don’t rinse them in hot water in case you warp the plastic.

Easy peasy!

Less frequent re-occurring appointments with Invisalign London

Most patients who sign up for Invisalign treatment will go for an appointment every 6 weeks during which time they will pick up their next few sets of aligners.

At this appointment, your dental professional will check your teeth are straightening as planned and that your dental hygiene is kept up to scratch.

You will not have to go for tightening appointments as with traditional braces and you should find that your life is impacted less by appointments if you undergo Invisalign in London.

Nearly invisible treatment with Invisalign London

Unfortunately, traditional braces can be poorly received by adolescents and even working adults, which can affect patients’ confidence when wearing braces.

Teenagers may find themselves victims to name calling and working professionals feel they will be judged for having braces, leading to an unhappy treatment period.

Invisalign however, removes this issue completely.

While not completely invisible, Invisalign retainers can be unnoticeable for most wearers, which many teenagers and adults prefer compared to traditional braces.

This is especially true for people who work in public-facing or entertainment-based positions.

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