The first EVER dental assistant to be appointed onto the prestigious Alpha Omega International Board

Dental assistant and Mervyn’s right-hand lady, Nina Tetra has been recognized for her outstanding contribution to dentistry by the Alpha Omega Dental Society; and has been appointed onto the esteemed Alpha Omega International Board of Directors & Alpha Omega London Chapter Board of Directors. A member for 15 years, Nina is the first ever dental […]

A recent study finds home tooth whitening kits can significantly damage your smile

You may have read in the press the recent news about at home tooth whitening kits. The study conducted by the University of Manchester Dental School and commissioned by our friends The British Dental Bleaching Society of which, Dr Mervyn Druian is treasurer, concluded that at home whitening kits can damage the enamel and increase […]

Research shows that Acidic Food and Drink can cause Teeth Erosion

Fruit Drinks and Salt and Vinegar Crisps can Erode Your Teeth Researchers at King’s College London have found that consuming acidic food and drinks regularly, and particularly between meals, increases the risk of severe tooth erosion. Tooth erosion is the loss of enamel on the surface of the tooth and can lead to sensitivity and […]

Dr Mervyn Druian Celebrates 40 Years Within The Industry

An amazing dentistry career It is almost 40 years since Dr Mervyn Druian embarked on his glittering dentistry career, and since then, he has been at the forefront of innovation within the industry. With countless awards, accolades and charity work to his name, he is now regarded as one of the UK’s leading authorities on […]

Congratulations Mervyn!

Honoured by the American Society of Dental Aesthetics Dr Mervyn Druian was honoured by the acclaimed American Society of Dental Aesthetics by being awarded a Fellowship. Given to dentists who have demonstrated a commitment to the highest standards of care and advancement in the field of Aesthetics, Dr Mervyn Druian has become only the second […]

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