Q&A with Josh Aspess and George Lineker, founders of the multi-mobile number app, Flipper

Q&A with Josh Aspess and George Lineker, founders of the multi-mobile number app, Flipper

Josh Aspess and George LinekerTogether you created the app, ‘Flipper’. How would you describe it?

Flipper enables the user to download additional mobile numbers onto their existing handset via an app, working in the same way their existing number does. We eradicate the need for two phones or SIM cards and save the user time and money.

Our users are generally people who want an extra layer of privacy. An example of its use would be: A girl meets a guy on a dating app, she can’t validate him from day one so she downloads Flipper and gives him her Flipper number while she gets to know him. She/he can effectively use that number for dating, without having to compromise their privacy and then delete it when necessary.

How and why did you come up with the idea for the app?

The app was inspired by an ex who was stalked after meeting a guy online. She was harassed with calls and messages over a long period, and although she continued to block numbers it was a thankless task. She couldn’t delete the number, because she was self-employed and relied on it for work.

The more we considered the idea of disposable mobile numbers, the more we saw that there were already very successful case studies in the US and Canada, but none at the time in the UK. We also found a whole host of other reasons to need a disposable number and after doing some research and decided it was worth pursuing.

Flipper App

What have been the biggest challenges and rewards of developing the app?

We self-financed the project initially. Working without a salary for nearly two years was a testing time, but we believed in the product and what it stood for.

The feedback since we launched in February has been amazing though, and the demand has been mind-blowing. It’s validated everything we felt when we initially started the project.

What is a typical workday like for you?

We’re currently a small team so it’s hands-on. George and I oversee the fun stuff like the PR, marketing, sales and customer service, and we have a great CTO (Chief Technical Officer) and fellow Co-Founder in Criss Moldovan, who runs a team of three on the tech side.

Flipper app meeting

Our daily meetings range from organising our social media campaigns to reporting feedback to the clever guys over in our tech team.

When meeting clients, how important is it for you to have a nice smile?

Well, it’s always helpful to make a good first impression. Being warm and engaging in any walk of life is always good, but especially in business when you’re looking to build fruitful relationships.

For further information and to download Flipper, please visit https://flipperapp.co.uk.



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