Research shows that Acidic Food and Drink can cause Teeth Erosion

Research shows that Acidic Food and Drink can cause Teeth Erosion


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Fruit Drinks and Salt and Vinegar Crisps can Erode Your Teeth

Researchers at King’s College London have found that consuming acidic food and drinks regularly, and particularly between meals, increases the risk of severe tooth erosion.

Tooth erosion is the loss of enamel on the surface of the tooth and can lead to sensitivity and discolouration of the teeth as well as higher chances of decay and cracked teeth.

The British Dental Journal recently published an article on “The role of the diet in tooth wear” leading to some interesting findings.

The researchers found that individuals drinking acidic drinks twice a day could be 11 times more likely to suffer from tooth erosion.

Dentists recommend limiting these food and drinks:

  • Soft drinks including cordials, fruit juices and fizzy drinks
  • Water with a slice of lemon or hot fruit teas
  • Fruit-flavoured sweets or throat lozenges
  • Foods that are pickled or contain vinegar, like salt and vinegar crisps
  • Wine, particularly wine tastings when the wine is held in the mouth

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Dr Saoirse O’Toole, lecturer at King’s College London and lead author of the study, made the following comments:


“It is well known that an acidic diet is associated with erosive tooth wear, however our study has shown the impact of the way in which acidic food and drinks are consumed,” she said.

“With the prevalence of erosive tooth wear increasing, it is vitally important that we address this preventable aspect of erosive tooth wear.

“Reducing dietary acid intake can be key to delaying progression of tooth erosion.”


What is the solution?

The best advice is to avoid excessive consumption of food and drinks high in acid when possible and to minimise snacking and acidic drinks between meals.

Are you concerned about teeth erosion and sensitivity?

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