Top journalist Antonia Hoyle speaks to The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry

Top journalist Antonia Hoyle speaks to The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry

Antonia HoyleIf you read the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph or glossy magazines you are bound to have read one of Antonia Hoyle’s articles. You may also have spotted in last month’s enewsletter, the article that Antonia wrote for the Daily Telegraph on looking after children’s teeth.

A national newspaper and magazine journalist, Antonia’s work is well renowned and she is on the speed dial of most of the UK’s top editors.

A friend and patient of the practice, Antonia answers this month’s e-newsletter questions. / @antoniahoyle

How did you get into journalism?

I begged for work experience and sofas to sleep on in London for a couple of months, before joining a press agency that paid me £8000 a year – hard work and I lived on beans, but I couldn’t have asked for better training.

What’s been your most memorable interview?Antonia Hoyle talks to London Cosmetic Dentistry

Brian Keenan, who was held hostage in Beirut, was one of the most inspirational. Michael Carroll, who won £10m on the lottery before blowing it all and becoming a bin man, left me waiting on his drive all day before finally letting me into his living room which was covered in dog poo. So that was memorable too.

Have you ever been surprised (in a good or bad way) by a celebrity that you were interviewing?

Haha! Not as a freelancer I’m afraid – I’d never be employed again.

Since you’ve become a patient of Mervyn’s, do you pay more attention to peoples’ smiles?

I’m a lot more conscious of dental health in general. As stupid as it sounds I had no idea what healthy teeth and gums were supposed to look like before I met Mervyn. I credit him with saving my smile.

What three words sum up journalism for you?

Excitement, frustration and variety.

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