Dedicated To Nervous Patients

DEDICATED TO NERVOUS PATIENTS   WE ARE EXPERIENCED IN TREATING NERVOUS PATIENTS Our dentists know that many of our patients will be nervous about their dental work. Some may be so anxious that they have put off essential dentistry for many years. At London Cosmetic Dentistry, we are dedicated to making our patients feel as […]

Comprehensive Complete Care Assessments

We offer the most comprehensive dental assessments in the world. The thorough approach of our dedicated dentistry team is proof of our commitment to creating the best smiles possible for our clients. We use our years of experience along with the latest technology to formulate a customised treatment plan for you. We offer a choice […]


At the London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry we provide a variety of aesthetic treatments and we are proud of the well-respected reputation in this area of the industry. At our practice, we offer services in everything from cosmetic to general dentistry. We use various technologies for treatments, including Trios 3Shape and Nucalm, which is a […]

Non Surgical Periodontal Treatment

The health of the gums is extremely important, as they provide a foundation for the teeth. If the gums are decayed or compromised, and left untreated, tooth decay and tooth loss can result. At The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry, we are able to provide our patients with brilliant results, non-surgically. Our laser-free periodontal treatment […]

Bad Breath Treatment

Have you been told that you suffer from bad breath or suspect that you may have bad breath? It’s nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, most people experience bad breath at some point in their lives, and 30 percent of the population suffers from chronic bad breath, or halitosis. We understand that bad breath is […]

Gum Disease

Everyone has bacteria in their mouth, but certain people are at a higher risk of developing gum disease. Often, you cannot tell that you have gum disease unless you have been assessed by a dentist or hygienist. At the practice, our dentists are experts at diagnosing and treating gum disease and their treatment success rate […]

Preventative Dentistry

If you want a bright, white smile and healthy teeth and gums it is vital that you maintain good oral hygiene by preventing potential problems from occurring in the future. Our expert team of dental hygienists are here to help you avoid issues such as dental cavities, gum disease and bad breath with a range […]


OUR ENDODONTIC TREATMENT If the pulp tissue in the root chamber beneath a tooth becomes infected, it can result in severe and constant pain. In such cases, endodontic therapy, or root canal treatment is necessary to alleviate these symptoms and prevent the risk of further infection. Treating a root canal infection is important not only […]

Inlays and Onlays

VISIT OUR LONDON PRACTICE A dentist at our London practice can evaluate the condition of your tooth and determine the best treatment option. Inlays and onlays are dental prosthetics that are designed to cap only the upper-most portion of the tooth. Like dental crowns, they are fabricated from porcelain for durability, strength and cosmetics. The […]

Dental Bridges

WHAT IS A DENTAL BRIDGE? A dental bridge is named because it is designed to bridge gaps in the jaw. If you are missing a tooth, seeking prompt treatment is very important. Contact us today. In the absence of a tooth, surrounding teeth will slowly begin to shift out of place to fill the void. This […]

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