Digital Impression Scanning

Trios Wireless Scanner

We Use Digital Impression Scanning for Top Dental Treatment Results

At London Cosmetic Dentistry we are committed to creating stunning results for our clients. We are able to produce such a high standard of cosmetic dentistry work as we use state of the art dental equipment like the TRIOS® 3 wireless scanner.

The TRIOS® 3 scanner produces a 3D digital impression of your whole mouth in realistic colour. The digital scan is incredibly accurate and the HD images can be used to enhance details and measurements. This leads to optimal treatment results for all of our patients.

We use TRIOS® shade measurement

We endeavour to match the shades of any cosmetic dental work with your natural teeth or existing dental work as closely as possible. The intra-oral camera takes a realistic colour scan of your teeth and gums. We use the TRIOS® shade measurement software to digitally select the exact shade needed for a perfect match. This results in a seamless, natural looking smile.

Fast, easy and comfortable

The TRIOS® wireless scanner is a quick and simple way to get a full, high quality digital impression of your mouth. The whole process takes just a few minutes. The scan is non-invasive and completely painless.

Why do we use the TRIOS® 3 Wireless?

Our cosmetic dentists are highly trained in using the latest dental equipment like the TRIOS® 3 Wireless. We will take a digital impression using the scanner to assist in the following treatments:

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