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Every day at the London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry, our incredible dentists are creating celebrity smiles for A-list clients.

We can transform your smile too!

Contact us at LCCD to book in your appointment with dentist to the stars Dr Mervyn Druian.

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“Having my veneers done, especially as an older woman has made a significant and wonderful difference to how I feel about myself! Best decision I ever made!”

Catherine C, 70

“Having a good smile is one of the most important things especially when winning medals! Mervyn and his team have been brilliant, thank you!”

Jack Laugher

“Being on television it is so important to have a beautiful smile and Mervyn and his team have given me just that with a great, new whitening treatment. My teeth sparkle nearly as much as Simon’s and mine are real!”

Amanda Holden

“Everyone at Druian and Spektor! Thank you so much for my new teeth! I’m so happy and you’re all amazing to be around! Thank you!! You took me from this 🙁 to this 🙂 (The happy smiley face has teeth)”

Rita Ora

“Having white teeth is incredibly important to me. I’ve had a lovely time at the practice and everyone has been very kind.”

Ollie Locke

“Very warm and friendly practice. Mervyn and Nina are very reassuring to work with, they make going to the dentist a pleasurable experience.”

Nicola Roberts

“The professionalism and attention to detail that they give throughout treatment. Plus the level of care and post treatment is first class.”

Denise Lewis

“Being in the spotlight, I think of my smile daily and wish I had taken better care of my teeth as a child and teen!”

Iggy Azalea

“A nice smile is very important. It’s the first thing people see when you greet them, so if you can look after your smile, then why not!”

Jason Atherton

“Your smile is something that people really notice. Since having my teeth whitened at your clinic I feel much more confident when appearing on TV. Having whiter teeth helps you to look younger and also makes my complexion look a bit warmer.”

Hayley Sparkes

“I don’t put my trust in people very easily, but with Mervyn and Ken I feel so at ease – plus Ken always listens to me on Radio 2! I seriously love the fact that both gents are seriously good at what they do and are seriously great guys.”

Aled Jones

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