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Are veneers the key to a more attractive smile?

April 24, 2023

Dental veneers have been a popular cosmetic treatment since their introduction to UK patients in 1983 by Dr Mervyn Druian.

Dental veneers have fantastic benefits and can deliver a simple and effective solution to patients who are living with worn, chipped, gapping, or discoloured teeth. 

So, can dental veneers in London give patients an attractive smile?

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Is veneer treatment long and time-consuming? 

Prior to installation, porcelain and zirconia veneers require the teeth to be generally healthy and structurally sound, allowing the veneer to adhere easily over the surface of the tooth. 

In order to ensure your teeth are suitable for veneers in London, it is essential patients attend regular dental examinations. Without them, patients may come to the clinic seeking cosmetic treatments that their mouths are not fit enough to allow and can allow easy-to-correct dental issues to worsen to the point of needing emergency intervention. 

If teeth are structurally sound, the process of installing veneers can be quick and efficient. A very fine amount of the tooth is shaved to help the veneer sit securely, and ultra-thin layers of tooth-coloured materials, usually made from porcelain or zirconia, are then adhered to your natural teeth, altering their appearance. 

When applying veneers in London in this way, patients can keep as much of their natural tooth as possible, while correcting cosmetic imperfections, and treatment can be completed in as little as 2 hours, providing immediate results. 


How do veneers in London improve the smile? 

Dental veneers can easily and simply correct a wide variety of very common issues – making them accessible for many and very versatile. 

Common cosmetic complaints that can be rectified with veneers include: 

Improving worn or chipped teeth – some people have worn or chipped teeth as a result of conditions such as bruxism (when patients grind their teeth) or dental trauma. Veneers applied to the surface of the tooth can correct the visible imperfection and restore tooth shape.

Revitalising discoloured or dead teeth – teeth that cannot be whitened thanks to severe staining or yellowing can be easily covered with ultra-thin veneers, creating a bright, white smile to be proud of. 

Realigning a crooked smile – crooked or overcrowded teeth can be hidden neatly behind well-spaced veneers, allowing patients to makeover their smile without invasive and time-consuming procedures such as extractions and orthodontics. 

Closing spaces between the teeth – while considered stylish on some models, large or small gaps between teeth can affect the self-esteem and confidence of patients. As such, veneers in London can be developed to cover and disguise such gaps, creating a well-balanced smile.

Resizing your smile – if you have very small or very short teeth, dental veneers in London can quickly and efficiently resize your smile and help it appear more uniform in appearance. This in turn can give patients more confidence – giving them plenty of reasons to smile. 

If you are currently living with any of these cosmetic imperfections and find that you are not confident about sharing your smile, dental veneers could be the ideal solution for you and can even be included as part of a smile makeover in London


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