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Endodontics is the treatment for the tissue surrounding the root of the tooth and the dental pulp that is found inside. For endodontics in London, trust the London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry.

Endodontics: Root Canal Treatment


So, what is endodontics? Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that treats the dental pulp tissue (the soft tissue inside of the tooth) and also the tissues surrounding the roots of a tooth below the gum line. Patients who need a specialised endodontics treatment will usually require endodontic therapy.

Endodontic therapy is more commonly called root canal treatment and involves a painless procedure to clean, fill, and restore any damaged root canals. We often think of an endodontist as a dentist who specialises in saving teeth.

So why might you require special treatment from an endodontist here at our excellent cosmetic dentists London? Well, if the dental pulp tissue becomes infected, it can result in severe and constant pain. In such cases, endodontic therapy (or root canal treatment) is necessary to alleviate these symptoms and prevent the risk of further infection.

Treating a root canal infection is important, not only because the condition can cause debilitating pain, but if left untreated, root canal infections can result in abscesses and eventually tooth loss. It’s always best to act soon rather than later to prevent any future problems and further endodontics procedures from being required.


Why choose us for Endodontics in London?


Whether you attend the practice for a dental check-up or for a full course of treatment, our focus is on the well-being and comfort of our patients. We understand that not everyone is comfortable visiting dentists, but we aim to make your visit as relaxing as possible.

Dr Leonard Fox (pictured) is experienced in root canal treatment, having performed over 20,000 surgical procedures, Leonard has fantastic knowledge and is one of the most experienced specialists in performing root canal treatment in London.


The process of root canal treatment


Firstly the endodontics dentist will need a clear x-ray of the root of your infected tooth. Even though you may be in severe pain pre-treatment, the root canal treatment is pain free, the dentist will anesthetise the tooth and surrounding gum tissue to ensure your comfort.

Once you are comfortable, a small pilot hole is drilled through the top of the tooth to provide access to the root chamber. The endodontics dentist will then remove the infected tissue, clean the area thoroughly, and fill it with a dental filling. Lastly, the tooth is sealed, protecting the tooth from future infections.

Endodontics (Root Canal) FAQ

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