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Can adults still benefit from metal braces?

March 16, 2023

Traditionally associated with the tricky teenage years, it is commonly assumed that once you are an adult, braces are no longer suitable for you. 

This is absolutely not the case. 

While getting braces at a younger age could make straightening your teeth easier, you are not too late if you skipped braces as a teenager. 

Getting adult braces in London remains an effective, simple way to improve your smile and quality of life. 

Who is suitable for adult braces? 

When looking into metal braces in London, you will likely come across a key term that describes adults considering orthodontic treatment: malocclusion. 

Malocclusion is the clinical, orthodontic term for misaligned teeth that can lead to health complications. 

Anyone who has been diagnosed with malocclusion is therefore a suitable candidate for metal braces in London. Common types of malocclusions include:

  • Overcrowding- too many teeth in the jaw
  • Spacing- uneven spacing 
  • Diastema- abnormal spacing between the incisors and molars particularly, but can also include the canines
  • Crossbite- the top teeth fit inside the bottom teeth
  • Overjet- also called buck teeth, when the upper front teeth protrude outwards
  • Impacted teeth- a tooth fails to erupt, common for wisdom teeth
  • Open-bite- the lower and upper jaw don’t make contact when the mouth is closed
  • Under-bite- the lower teeth extend outwards further than the upper teeth
  • Over-bite- the upper teeth extend outwards past the lower teeth
  • Missing teeth

Adult braces in London correct all types of malocclusion in the jaw, effectively reshaping how the teeth look and function in the mouth and giving patients the beautiful smile they have dreamed of.

How long will I need to have adult braces for?

While each patient differs, in order to treat malocclusions with braces, adults will need to wear braces on average for 2-3 years. 

This time frame may differ, however, depending on factors such as:

  • The orthodontic issue being treated 
  • The patient’s diet 
  • Age of the patient 
  • Compliance with dental hygiene and treatment plan

Adults considering braces may worry that their age is the most important factor when considering how long they will need to wear metal braces for. Interestingly, it is actually the least important. 

Instead, the type of malocclusion and compliance with treatment plans are the most significant factors- and importantly, one of the things you can do the most about. 

As such, if adults choose metal braces for orthodontic treatment, they should ensure that they are ready to take responsibility for their treatment and stay on top of their dental hygiene: both of which will give your treatment the best chance at success. 

Types of adult metal braces

When you go for your orthodontic appointment for braces in London, your chosen orthodontist will discuss all of the options available to you, which are likely to include metal braces. 

Popular options at The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry, include: 

  • Cfast fixed braces 
  • Cfast lingual braces
  • Cfast aligners

Cfast fixed braces 

Cfast fixed braces in London gently move and straighten the teeth using clear brackets and tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires. 

The clear brackets affix directly to the teeth using adhesives and the nickel-titanium wires use regulated, moderate pressure to align the teeth, giving patients a correct bite that looks aesthetically pleasing. 

Benefits of Cfast fixed braces

  • More discreet choice thanks to clear brackets and tooth-coloured arch wires 
  • Treatment can be around 3-12 months
  • Considered less painful than traditional braces

Cfast lingual braces 

As with Cfast fixed braces, the Cfast system uses fixed brackets and arch wires to move and reposition the teeth. 

Instead of using clear or tooth-coloured brackets and wires on the front of the teeth, however, lingual braces are fitted behind the teeth, which makes them almost completely invisible. 

Benefits of Cfast lingual braces 

  • The most discreet choice
  • Considered less painful than traditional brace systems 
  • Treatment can be around 4-9 months

Reach out to The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry for adult braces in London

To find out if Cfast metal braces are suitable for your adult orthodontic needs, reach out to us today. 

We can provide you with all of the information you need about braces in London and let you know which adult braces we would recommend for you. 

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