Dental anxiety and our mental health

May 18, 2020

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How are dental anxiety and our mental health linked?

Studies have shown a strong interaction between oral and mental health, so this week we support Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme of kindness.

Research has found that nearly one half of the population experience anxiety during their dental visits, for some this leads to dental phobia. Like with any fear or anxiety there isn’t one solution for everyone, so our experienced team have listed their advice below:

    • Be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to feel comfortable. Having a fear of the dentist is common, therefore our dentists, nurses and hygienists have plenty of experience in helping patients manage their anxiety – it’s not new to us and we are always here to help!
    • If you’re new to a dental practice then ask to visit before having treatment (when possible). Become familiar with the surroundings and prepare some questions to ask the team during your visit.
    • Start small, you don’t need to start treatment right away during your first appointment, instead, you can book a consultation and talk through the procedure at your own pace.
    • Bring a friend or family member. Having someone there who knows you, can make you feel safer, they can also be made aware of the treatment process and aftercare instructions so you don’t feel overwhelmed.
    • Some dental practices may have treatments in place to help nervous patients during treatment. We offer NuCalm treatment in London, a non-sedative calming treatment to our patients, you can read about the treatment on this site or contact us to find out more.

If you feel that your fear of visiting the dentist is causing you unmanageable stress and anxiety, you can speak with your GP – NHS talking therapies are available.

Have you overcome your fear of the dentist, or found a way to help manage your dental anxiety?