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How to achieve perfect teeth and a perfect smile

May 17, 2024

Some people are lucky enough to have perfect teeth, while others use a range of general, orthodontic, and cosmetic dental treatments to craft the smile of their dreams.

The aesthetics of your smile can be down to many factors, from genetics to your lifestyle, how well you care for your teeth to your diet – it all makes a difference. 

But what if you haven’t been blessed with a white, even smile naturally?

How can you achieve perfect teeth and a perfect smile? 


What is a perfect smile anyway? 

You may not realise it, but a perfect smile isn’t universal – it can differ widely continent by continent as standards change. 

But which smile are you looking for?

A perfect smile in the US 

Those seeking a Hollywood smile, as seen in celebrities like Zac Efron and Cardi B, will often be seeking the following principles:

  • Sparkling white teeth – often as white as possible 
  • Smooth teeth with no texture 
  • Minimal or no translucency at the incisal edge 
  • Symmetrical teeth – including the alignment, size, and shape of the teeth 
  • No gaps or crowding 
  • Gums that follow the contour of the teeth and are light pink 
  • The right amount of gum – gummy smiles are often removed

In the US, it is common to reshape the teeth so the tips of teeth are aligned across the smile and brighten them to the lightest possible shade as part of the perfecting process.

A perfect smile in Europe and the UK 

In the UK and Europe, however, it is common for more of the personality of the smile to be retained – meaning that the teeth are often still asymmetrical and individual teeth are treated with minor changes. 

They won’t look like the perfect, veneer-style teeth of Americans. 

For those seeking a Princess Kate-style smile, you might expect:

  • A more naturally white smile – brightened to a less overt level 
  • A straight smile that is often achieved with orthodontics
  • Polishing the enamel to deliver a shine to the teeth 
  • Keeping characterful gaps in the teeth 
  • Not removing all the “imperfections” in the teeth 

Before you go and see a dental professional for a smile makeover in London, it can be worth spending a little bit of time looking at the smiles of your favourite celebrities to identify what you like best – as this can make it easier to communicate how you want to improve your natural smile.

Ways to improve your natural teeth and create a perfect smile

If you have decided to use dentistry to improve the aesthetics of your smile, there are a range of treatments you can choose as part of your bespoke treatment plan to create your perfect smile.

  1. Improve your dental hygiene 

Many people don’t realise that a perfect smile cannot be achieved without healthy teeth.

Healthy, strong teeth are whiter and straighter, not necessarily for aesthetic reasons, but as they have an improved bite and better levels of dental hygiene. 

To start with, a professional clean can get your improved hygiene routine off the ground, remove staining, and naturally whiten the smile.

  1. Make minor cosmetic changes 

Treatments, like teeth whitening, are common in smile makeovers and can have a very fast impact on the appearance of your teeth. 

Other procedures, like composite bonding, can also offer very fast results and can include reshaping broken or misshapen teeth – helping to rebalance and perfect the smile.

  1. Straighten your teeth 

Orthodontics is an excellent way to improve your smile. 

Sometimes, slight crookedness is the only thing that is holding back your smile from being considered more aesthetically perfect. 

This can be achieved, depending on the condition of your bite, in many ways, with aligner solutions like Invisalign or with traditional braces for more complex issues.

  1. Look into more invasive options 

If you need more invasive treatments to give you perfect teeth, there are a range you can consider, such as:

Porcelain Veneers and Zeneers™ which cover cosmetic imperfections like chips, gaps, and cracks. 

Dental crowns and bridges are used to replace one or a few missing teeth. 

Gum lifting or reshaping which safely removes excess gum with a laser – making smaller teeth larger and more uniform. 

For a smile makeover, visit LCCD 

With decades of experience and a host of celebrity patients, including Iggy Azalea and Amanda Holden, The London Centre of Cosmetic Dentistry can deliver a bespoke smile makeover in London that perfects the teeth and delivers a gorgeous grin. 

For all.

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Your perfect smile could be much closer than you think!