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Intrepid traveller and teacher Michelle Baker shares her NuCalm experience

August 26, 2020

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A primary school teacher by profession, Michelle Baker has been a patient at the London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry for two years.

Having visited many places worldwide by herself, including Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Europe and Malaysia, she certainly has a passion for travelling. But despite her intrepid nature, due to several bad experiences as a child, Michelle was always anxious about visiting the dentist.

She recently came to us for help in overcoming her fears once and for all by trying NuCalm, a natural, drug-free treatment developed by Neuroscientists in the U.S that relaxes the body in minutes. Here, she tells us a bit about herself and shares her NuCalm experience….

Having travelled all over the world by yourself, what would be your advice to any solo females considering doing the same thing?

Personal safety is important wherever you are and when travelling alone as a female, it is vital that you are careful and do not get yourself into situations that could lead you into problems or danger.

My top tips would be: to make sure you arrive at any destination before it gets dark; to always have a backup plan in case a train or bus is cancelled or delayed and finally, to keep your wits about you (do not become heavily intoxicated, for example!).

Stay in touch with a friend or family member – tell them where you’re heading and check in with them when you arrive so they know you made it safely. Most of all I would say – stay safe, but embrace every moment and have the time of your life.

You are obviously brave – what were your fears about dentistry?

I had many bad dentistry experiences as a child and therefore I didn’t visit the dentist for a long time. I think the worst part for me is the sound. Just the thought of a dentist’s drill would make me anxious. However, I became increasingly unhappy with the appearance of my teeth and it was affecting my confidence so I know I had to do something about it.

When you tried NuCalm at the practice, how did it make you feel? Would you recommend it to others and if so, why?

NuCalm is fantastic and I would definitely recommend it to any nervous patients. The dentist applies a calming gel on your neck, which is absorbed into your bloodstream and helps to make you feel relaxed.

Then they place a mask over your eyes to block out any light, as well as headphones over your ears which play calming classical music with the undertone of a gentle beat sound.

NuCalm is great as, even though you feel serene and tranquil after the treatment, you don’t get that sleepy or drained feeling in any way – which is perfect for me as I travel quite far for my appointments. I am able to get in my car and drive home as soon as the treatment is done.

NuCalm is available at the London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry. Please visit or our page for NuCalm dental treatments in London for further information or contact the practice on 020 7722 1235 or [email protected] if you would like to try the treatment.

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