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Discrete and fast solution to misaligned teeth.


Cfast Braces

A clear, removable aligner or two types of fixed brace, you can achieve your perfect smile in as little as eight weeks (the typical length of treatment is 3-6 months). Favoured by many celebrities including Holly Willoughby, Alexandra Burke and TOWIE’s Billie Faiers it is quick, simple, minimally invasive and cost effective.

The secret of Cfast’s success is that it only corrects the front six teeth of the smile (lower and upper) i.e. the Smile Line or the “Social Six”. Focusing on the “Social Six”, it does not correct major orthodontic issues and uses clear aligners or tooth coloured wires to gently realign the front teeth. Because it is just the front teeth, which are not as big and strong as your back teeth, it is more predictable and effective. 

Cfast braces treatment in London only needs to apply light pressure and many patients comment on the ease and pain-free way in which they achieve the smile that they want.  

Developed by Dr Biju Krishnan in 2009, it corrects adult alignment issues and can level and round out the arches, thus satisfying the needs of the vast majority of adult patients who seek orthodontic treatment. Dr Krishnan is not only the inventor of the Cfast braces system, but he is also the orthodontist at The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry and will be the dentist who treats you at the practice. So you are in very good hands.

Types of Cfast braces


There are three types of Cfast aligners, the dentist will help you choose which kind of adult braces London is right for you depending on your orthodontic needs and lifestyle. 

The London Cfast braces treatment process


Whether you choose Cfast clear removable aligners or fixed braces you will make regular visits to the practice.

From when you have your braces fitted or when you start wearing your first set of clear aligners, you will book a series of appointments 3-4 weeks apart. This is so that Dr Biju Krishnan can readjust your brace or provide you with new aligners.

This step by step approach ensures that you are only applying gentle forces to the teeth, which is both good orthodontic practise and minimises any discomfort when wearing the brace. You will continue to visit the practice on this basis until your teeth have aligned into the correct position.

Once you have reached your last pair of clear aligners or you are ready to have your fixed brace removed, you will either have a fixed retainer fitted or impressions for a removable retainer or both – it depends on your treatment plan. This stage is so important as it is what will keep your teeth in the correct position following treatment.

Why choose LCCD?


We have a highly skilled team of dentists that can produce amazing results with our various dental, cosmetic and orthodontic treatments in London.

Dr Biju Krishnan is an award-winning and celebrity cosmetic dentist. He’s perhaps best known for founding one of the leading adult cosmetic tooth alignment systems, called CFast braces (Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth). This teeth straightening treatment has been deemed revolutionary by fellow peers, and has been chosen by the likes of Holly Willoughby, Alexandra Burke, several of the cast from TOWIE and Coronation Street and a former Miss World.

Dr Krishnan is also a well-known lecturer and has trained thousands of dentists around the world on using CFast braces in London. Formerly based in Scotland where he won numerous awards for his practice, Dr Krishnan now consults from several clinics across London and the Southeast.

Cfast Braces FAQs

There are a wide variety of cosmetic dental treatments available to you nowadays. Among them is Cfast braces in London, a cosmetic dental treatment that gently moves and straightens the front six teeth through the use of clear orthodontic brackets and tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires. London Cfast braces are a simple cosmetic system which uses orthodontic appliances without the pain and discomfort of traditional braces, in a fraction of the time.

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