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Are you looking for a warm, welcoming, and friendly Primrose Hill dentist?


Here at LCCD, our experienced team of dentists, nurses, and hygienists, have over three decades of experience maintaining and creating beautiful, healthy smiles in London and the Primrose Hill area.

So, for a focused and warm team concerned with giving you the smile of your dreams, join our Primrose Hill dentists.

All-round dental treatment

At the London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry, we are proud to offer a full range of dental treatments, including general, cosmetic, and orthodontic options to not only improve the health of your teeth and gums but improve their aesthetics too.

Our most popular treatments include:

Teeth whitening at our Primrose Hill dentist

There is nothing more youthful and arresting than a shining, white smile.

Nu Radiance Duet is a safe, sensitivity-free tooth whitening system that offers excellent results – even against tough staining.

With added Xylitol for cavity protection, Nu Radiance Duet is a celeb favourite, popular with household names like Amanda Holden and Olly Murs.

Contact our Primrose Hill dentist team to book Nu Radiance Duet in-surgery whitening or our at-home Opalescence Go whitening tray treatments – a bright white smile can be just a phone call away!

Caring for nervous patients

Whether you are a little nervous about dental work or have a dental phobia – we can help you all.

With up to 53% of the UK population fearful at the dentist, we have cultivated an environment and practice designed to ensure no matter how nervous you are – your dental health doesn’t have to suffer.

A warm and welcoming environment

Our clinic is designed to make you feel at home, putting you at ease as soon as you arrive – moving the focus from the clinical to the comfortable.

This is reinforced by our focus on cleanliness and hygiene, which can make patients living with OCD and similar conditions feel more at ease.

The friendly team

Our team are all trained to have exceptional interpersonal skills and offer advice on treatments respectfully and informatively.

We include patients in their care decisions, regardless of how complex their treatment is, by educating and allowing each one to make informed decisions about their options and care. This

includes giving them time to think and ask any questions they might have – and receiving satisfying, clear answers that help them make the best decision for themselves.


Pioneered in America, LCCD utilise NuCalm® for stress and sedation-free treatments. Using sensory techniques instead of sedatives that come with unpleasant side effects, NuCalm® helps patients enter a relaxed, stress-free state within a few minutes – allowing them to undergo treatment more positively.

Making dental care in Primrose Hill affordable for all

For some, the cost of dental work can be a barrier to treatment – especially if looking at more costly procedures.

To help, LCCD displays all treatment prices with complete transparency while offering eligible patients a range of finance options, with our finance partner Chrysalis Finance.

This allows you to pay in smaller monthly instalments, for up to 3 years, spreading the cost into manageable chunks.

Find out more about LCCDs fees and finance options.

Our Primrose Hill dentist surgery is always welcoming new patients

If you need a 5-star, friendly and welcoming dentist in the Primrose Hill area, consider joining the family at LCCD today.

We’re proud to say we have been treating individual patients and their families for decades, providing high-quality dental care with a smile and a listening ear.

To find out more about our range of treatment options, to register, or to book a consultation, reach out to us today.

You can call us on 0207 722 1235, email us at [email protected], or fill in the contact form below and one of our lovely team will call you back.

Dentist Primrose Hill FAQs

The London Centre of Cosmetic Dentistry (LCCD) is proud to welcome entire families to the clinic, thanks to the wide range of treatments we offer. 

We have a good mix of patients, including adult individuals and families, who want to make sure their children have healthy, strong teeth and good dental habits for decades to come. 

Our welcoming, friendly, and patient dental staff will take care of your family and can even arrange adjacent appointments if they fit into your busy schedule better – helping you to keep your family's health top priority with the minimum of fuss. 

If you or a family member need dental care, book your appointment with LCCD today - simply fill in the contact form at the bottom of your screen or call us and we’ll find an appointment as soon as we can.

At LCCD, we have a range of teeth whitening treatment options, designed specifically to make improving the appearance of your smile possible for more people. 

Unlike other treatments that can increase sensitivity and aren’t suitable for patients with complex needs, LCCD offers in-chair treatment with Nu Radiance Duet. This treatment is specifically crafted to offer sensitivity-free tooth whitening that is safe, reliable, and highly effective, with the addition of Xylitol for cavity protection. 

You could also opt for at-home whitening if you are too busy to attend the clinic, with our Opalescence Go whitening trays, but be aware that you will need to see a dental professional first to check that the trays are suitable for your smile. 

For an appointment for teeth whitening in Primrose Hill, you can call us or send us an email and we’ll take you through the booking process.

Designed by neuroscientists in the US, LCCD is very proud to offer NuCalm® for nervous patients. 

This natural, drug-free alternative to anaesthetic delivers no side effects and helps even the most nervous patients to feel relaxed and reassured during their treatment. 

It uses biochemicals and electrical signalling to mimic the body’s natural relaxation state, helping interrupt the adrenaline response that is associated with fear and instead helps you feel and remain calm. 

There are also no needles – using a special cream and two adhesive patches instead – making it ideal for those who are nervous and scared of needles.

To book an appointment for yourself and try out NuCalm®, fill in our online enquiry form or give us a call and we’ll get you booked in.

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