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You may have read in the press the recent news about at home tooth whitening kits. The study conducted by the University of Manchester Dental School and commissioned by our friends The British Dental Bleaching Society of which, Dr Mervyn Druian is treasurer, concluded that at home whitening kits can damage the enamel and increase sensitivity.

The research team said that traditional bleaching treatments (i.e. those done by dentists using hydrogen peroxide) have over 30 years of research. Whereas at home whitening kits legally cannot contain hydrogen peroxide but use sodium chlorite or sodium carbonate peroxide and have had very little research.

The University of Manchester then tested five at home whitening kits and found that the products significantly reduced the hardness of the teeth and substantially damaged the dental surfaces.

Our advice for anyone wishing to have their teeth whitened is to please visit a dentist. Learn more about our teeth whitening in London

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