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How much do veneers cost?

June 24, 2024

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your teeth?

Do you smile with your lips closed or laugh with your hand over your mouth? 

If your teeth don’t look how you want them to but are structurally healthy, veneers are an incredible cosmetic dentistry option. 

But how much might it cost to makeover your smile with veneers? 

Porcelain veneers London

How much do veneers cost in the UK?

As with a large number of dental treatments, there is no one set cost for veneers in London. 

Instead, a price will be calculated based on a number of factors, including: 

Type of veneers 

Since their introduction over 40 years ago by our very own Dr Mervyn Druian, veneer practices and materials have been reoptimized and developed, making many different types available. 

Here at LCCD, we offer the following veneers in London: 

  • Emax veneers 

Considered highly durable, thinner than their counterparts, and are better at resisting staining. 

  • Porcelain laminate veneers 

Frequently chosen because they look and feel natural, these handcrafted veneers are low-maintenance and require little enamel removal. 

  • Zeneers™ 

For those seeking zirconia veneers, Zeneers™ offer one of the strongest and most durable options on the market. 

  • Lumineers™ 

Ultrathin, available in just two appointments, and crafted bespoke for each patient, Lumineers™ remain a popular option for those seeking veneers in the capital. 

If you aren’t sure which is the best option for you, our specialist team at LCCD will be able to advise once they have examined your teeth. 


Veneers Cost

How many veneers you need 

The number of veneers you need will go on to affect the price. 

This is because most individual veneer shells are manufactured by hand which takes a large amount of time by a skilled technician and uses more materials. 

The price will be especially impacted if you need top and bottom jaw veneers. 

If you need any extra treatments beforehand 

While this depends on the needs of each individual patient, to ensure your teeth are ready for veneers, you may need additional dental care. 

This can include treatment for gum disease or tooth decay, which if left untreated, can worsen under the structure of each veneer. 

Veneers Cost

The cost of dental veneers around the world 

According to the British Dental Association (BDA), 940 out of 1,000 UK dentists surveyed have treated patients who have taken advantage of dental tourism

Dental tourism involves going abroad to find dental work at lower prices, despite the awareness of increased risks, resulting in 860 patients out of 940 experiencing adverse reactions. 

The most popular destinations for dental tourism include countries like Turkey, Thailand, and Mexico. This is thanks to their cheaper lifestyles and emerging economies – which often means prices for treatment can be much less than in the UK. 

How much do veneers cost in Turkey?

Turkey might be the number one destination for dental and medical tourism – it is suggested that 150,000 to 250,000 foreign patients visit Turkey every year for dental work alone! 

As such, prices for veneers in Turkey can be too good to be true, ranging from £3,000-£6,000 for a full set of top and bottom veneers. 

How much do veneers cost in Thailand?

Second only in popularity to Turkey, the Kingdom of Thailand has long been associated with dental tourism. 

Prices for veneers in Thailand tend to be advertised in dollars, so once translated into pounds, patients might expect to pay between £2,276 – £3,016 for a top and bottom set. 

How much do veneers cost in Mexico?

Another popular destination for dental tourism is Mexico – especially for those travelling from America. 

Prices for veneers in Mexico are also often given in US dollars and can range from £1,966 to £3,538 for a full set of veneers on the top and bottom. 

Veneers Cost

Is it worth looking for veneers abroad? 

While the lower price might seem appealing, there are many risks that can come from pursuing veneers or other dental treatments abroad.  

According to the results from the BDA survey, common outcomes include: 

  • Failed or failing treatment – 86% of patients 
  • Pain – 76% of patients
  • Poor treatment execution – 72% of patients

Many of these patients also had to pay for rectifying treatment once back in the UK, with patients paying out anything from £500 (65% of patients), over £1,000 (51% of patients), or even over £5,000 (20% of patients). 


For trusted, high-quality veneers in London – choose LCCD 

While it can be tempting to scroll online for the lowest price for cosmetic dental treatments, it’s important to remember the old adage – you get what you pay for. 

While our dental veneers might not be the cheapest on the market, we pride ourselves on providing durable, long-lasting veneers that give you a beautiful smile while also blending in with your existing teeth. 

For more information about our veneers in London feel free to reach out to the team today – you can call us on 0207 722 1235 or fill in our enquiry form.

Alternatively, you can browse our fees page at your leisure before you book your appointment – we look forward to seeing you soon.