Why does too much sugar have such a bad effect on your teeth?

Why does too much sugar have such a bad effect on your teeth?

January 30, 2023

Whether you prefer to indulge in a bar of chocolate or a bag of sweets, we all know that too much sugar can be bad for our waistlines- but the excess sugar can also be terrible for your teeth.

Did you know it is actually the frequency with that you indulge in sugars that does more damage than the amount eaten in one sitting?

Read on to discover why sugar is so bad for the teeth and what you can do to keep your smile a perfect shining white.

It’s all about acid, not sugar

It’s no secret that cosmetic dentists see a large number of patients requiring treatments such as tooth whitening.

This could be down to the frequency of sugar consumption.

When a person treats themselves to the nation’s favourite, a Kinder Bueno, it isn’t the amount of sugar in the bar that does the damage to your teeth. In fact, it’s the acids that are generated while you chomp down on your chocolatey favourite.

When chewing, the natural bacteria found in your mouth, and on your teeth break the sugars down and turn them into acids.

These acids can break down your tooth enamel, the shining white layer of protection found on the surface of the tooth. This can then expose the dentin layer, which is more yellow in colour.

Not only does this leave you at an increased risk of developing cavities (small holes in the enamel) and gum disease, but it can ruin your white smile, as once your enamel is gone, it cannot be replaced or regenerated.

Moreover, once this acid is combined with your saliva, plaque is formed, which goes on to hide in your existing cavities. If not removed, this can lead to further tooth decay, gum disease, and in worse cases, missing teeth.

How to stop sugar damaging your teeth

Everybody, no matter their age or nationality is at risk from the effects of sugar damage, as it can come from carbohydrates as well as sugary foods.

That means a range of foods, from your healthy lunchtime sandwich to that bowl of pasta, could actually be just as damaging for your teeth as a bar of Fruit and Nut.

To avoid having to visit a cosmetic dentist in London, there are some easy tips you can follow to keep your teeth in great condition.

  • Limit carbohydrate and sugar intake to as few occurrences as possible throughout the day- snacking and sipping all day long will increase the likelihood of damage.
  • Brush with fluoride toothpaste and floss after eating or drinking, at least twice a day.
  • Chew sugar-free, xylitol-based gum for 20 minutes if you can’t brush your teeth after eating.
  • Rinse your mouth with a fluoride mouthwash if advised by your dentist- but not after brushing your teeth, as it will remove the protective fluoride left behind by your toothpaste.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for check-ups and professional cleans.
  • Consider and ask about dental sealants, which can seal off nooks and crannies and protect the teeth.
  • Drink tap water, which has added fluoride in varying amounts across the UK.

Cosmetic solutions to repair damaged teeth

The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry, as the name suggests is a cosmetic dentist that offers a range of procedures designed to improve the appearance of teeth damaged by excess sugar exposure.

These treatments include:

These treatments are designed to repair or cover damage to the surface of the teeth, the most popular of which is teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple, effective, and safe way to improve your smile.

At the London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer the latest in tooth whitening, Nu Radiance Duet- which offers fast results with little sensitivity.

As well as providing safe, reliable, and highly effective whitening on tough stains, it also contains xylitol for extra cavity protection.

Favoured by celebrity clients including Rita Ora, Olly Murs, and Iggy Azalea to help them get red carpet ready, contact the London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry for more information about Nu Radiance Duet, and get the best in teeth whitening in London today.

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