We offer the latest tooth alignment systems

At London Cosmetic Dentistry, our team are trained in the most recent advancements in tooth alignment. Choose between two types of orthodontic treatment: fixed and removable.

Both fixed and removable braces have their advantages. Talk to one of our expert cosmetic dentists to find out whether a fixed or removable brace is best for you. Book your consultation online today.


The Benefits and Advantages Afforded by Invisalign®

There are a number of compelling reasons to choose Invisalign® treatment over traditional orthodontic treatment.

In general, the benefits and advantages provided by Invisalign® can be classified into three distinct categories.

CFast Cosmetic Braces

CFast cosmetic tooth alignment from London Cosmetic Dentistry.

Designed in the UK by Biju Krishnan, CFast is one of the world’s most popular cosmetic tooth alignment systems.

CFast focuses on your top and bottom front six teeth, also referred to as the ‘social six’, to correct front tooth alignment problems.

Adult Orthodontic Braces

Adult Orthodontic Braces by London Cosmetic Dentistry
What orthodontic treatment is available?
We offer two types of orthodontic treatment: fixed and removable.

  • Cfast: Cfast cosmetic tooth alignment system is an advanced fixed brace treatment.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign is a clear, removable aligner